Viewing of Le Havre

When: Wednesday June 8, 2022 at 6:30 pm

Where: The Selby Attic Theater

Why we have chose this as our second film:

Toronto is a city of immigrants, but entering other countries can be more difficult. During this difficult time when many central and eastern European countries are absorbing massive numbers of Ukrainian refugees, I thought this film would be very apropos.

Kaurismäki deals with the European migrant crisis without avoiding difficult aspects of reality. "I would like to change the Finns' attitude," said the filmmaker in Berlin. When 20,000 Iraqis came to Finland, many people in the country "perceived that as an attack, like a war." He was alarmed by their reaction and decided to make a film dealing with the issue. "I respect Mrs. Merkel," he also said of the German chancellor, who was harshly criticized for her open-door refugee policy, "She is the only politician who seems to be at least interested in the problem."

from Wikipedia


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